Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Allyson Morris and Mark Kieswetter at Musideum, March 13, 2014.

As you will most assuredly know, I love Musideum. I received an email recently and found out that Allyson Morris and Mark Kieswetter will be there this Thursday, March 13, 2014. It should be a fabulous night!!


You may remember Allyson Morris from the piece I wrote about her show at Jazz Bistro back in January.

When Allyson told me she had a show coming up be at Musideum with Mark Kieswetter on keys, I was ecstatic! Mark is one of the foremost jazz pianists in the city. He is in high demand amongst the top singers in town, and for good reason. Not only is Mark incredible on his own, he is also one of the few jazz pianist in the city whose playing showcases the vocalist he is playing work. The thought Mark and Allyson performing together in the gorgeous intimate space that is Musideum seemed perfect!

Then Allyson sent me another message. 

Russ Boswell

It seems the line up has expanded to include Russ Boswell on bass and Shiraz on drums. 

Both performed with Allyson at her Jazz Bistro gig back in January


So you have a team of exceptional jazz musicians, accustomed to playing with each other, in an acoustically and aesthetically stunning venue. 

Need I say more?

For details or to reserve tickets, go to the facebook event here   Allyson's website or the Musideum reservation page here