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Lara Solnicki

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I am a Musideum devotee. I love the atmosphere, the extremely high quality of musicians who play there, and of course, I adore Donald! I was trolling through the Musideum website when I came across not a performance, but a workshop. And was thrilled to see Lara Solnicki's name!

Lara Solnicki is an exceptional vocalist, a poet and composer. With a  BA from The Glen Gould School Royal Conservatory of Music, she had originally intended a career in opera, but felt drawn to jazz. In 2010 Lara launched her debut CD A Meadow in December and is set to launch her latest CD Whose Shadow March 30th at the venerable JazzBistro accompanied by Mark Kieswetter on piano, George Koller on bass and John Johnson on saxophones, bass clarinet and flute.

 But before that, Lara has some interesting gigs.


On January 19th, 2014 Lara teams up with  Luanda Jones and Fern Lindzon for Jazz By 3 at Lula Lounge . Three incredible singers, all with their own distinct style but melding beautifully. Backed by Ted Quinlan, George Koller, Gord Sheard and Mark Kelso, this promises to be an INCREDIBLE night!

Now, we've come full circle. Back to what caught my eye and made me check out what else Lara is up to. 


Lara and critically acclaimed guitarist Margaret Stowe, are holding a workshop for voice and guitar students. Particularly for those looking to learn more about ensemble playing and jazz. What's unusual about this workshop is the idea of the pairing. Vocal students will get paired with guitarist Margaret, guitar students with vocalist Lara. A rare opportunity for students to get perform with, and learn from, incredible professional  musicians. Invaluable experience. If you are, or know, a vocal or guitar student, this is an excellent, and very rare opportunity. Makes me wish I had talent! Oh well, I will continue to live vicariously through my wonderful friends, and thrill to masses of talented live musicians in Toronto!
Lara and Margaret, I'm very impressed with this innovative opportunity you are providing the next generation of musicians , and Donald, you continue to amaze me with the incredible arts based events you bring to our fair city.


For more info on the workshop, click here

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