Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Smooth Sax of Joel Harbans

Joel Harbans

Many, many years ago I moved my family into our first post-divorce home. We are a fairly friendly bunch, quite sociable, and we got to know our neighbours quite quickly. 
One day I as I was taking out the trash, I heard the most gorgeous sax I'd ever heard (other than Mike Murley, my not so secret crush!). 
The sweet sounds were emanating from a few doors down. 
Later that day the pre-teen youngest child from that very home was out walking his dog. I stopped this 'kid' and asked him what CD he had been listening to. It took him a while to figure out what I was talking about. Finally he said '' OH! You must have heard me practising!''. 
I was floored, and have followed his jazz education and career ever since. 

Now it is your turn to discover him. 

I present to you, 

Joel Harbans

Joel Harbans parents, both born in Trinidad, are extaordinary people, amongst the most loving I have ever met. Joel grew up in a home filled with joy, encouragement and most of all, music. Music was a part of everything they did. Whether it was mom singing as she did the laundry, or dad playing percussion, the love of music permeated their home. 

At the tender age of eleven, Joel picked up a saxophone and it was love at first note. Very soon, still a child, he found himself drawn to the chords and melodies of John Coltrane, Joe Henderson, Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rollins and more. Jazz IS Joel's calling. It resonated with him, it just felt RIGHT. 

By the age of fifteen, Joel was winning awards, and soon joined the renowned Toronto All Star Big Band. It wasn't long before Joel's talent and skill were noticed. Don Englert, past member of the incredible Buddy Rich band, took Joel under his wing and mentored him. Joel Harbans blossomed under Don's tutelage, eventually leading to Joel earning a scholarship to the esteemed Humber College Jazz programme. 

With his Bachelor of the Arts degree in Jazz Performance now tucked firmly in his belt, Joel Harbans has steadily been making his mark in Toronto Jazz clubs. Gorgeous sax, infused with intelligence and a raw emotion rarely found amongst the newer generations. Constantly pushing boundaries, but never leaving his audience behind, Joel Harbans is set to become one of the foremost saxophonist on the Toronto scene

Keep an eye on the JazzBrat Calendar, any performance by Joel will be highlighted, and one day, you will be able to say with pride ''I saw Joel Harbans''

Joel's final recital at Humber! Enjoy!

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