Monday, 25 November 2013

Anoushka Shankar at Koerner Hall

Handsome Man and I sat in front of the computer a few months back and grabbed tickets to some hot concerts at Koerner Hall, the exceptional Royal Conservatory of Music performance space. This past Saturday night, we were treated to perhaps the FINEST evening of music either of us have ever experienced. 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Take Off, Eh- link to Days of Whine and Rosè article about the Ford Brothers

I generally keep my tales on JazzBrat confined to music, whereas I write about family, autism and more in Days Of Whine and Rosè . But since 'Take Off, Eh!' is a comparison of the unfortunate similarities between the Fords and McKenzie Brothers,Rick Moranis' and Dave Thomas' alter-egos, and since Jazz Brat is MY alter ego, I thought I'd give you the link. I know, thin line of reasoning, but there it is!

Read my mini rant, and comment away, here

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Mike Murley at The Homesmith Bar...... and how I USED him!

Mike Murley at Homesmith Bar

Ok, I admit, I'm a Mike Murley groupie. That's NOT my confession, but just had to get that out there first. I've been catching his gigs for a decade now. I first saw him one Sunday afternoon when I popped into The Pilot for some afternoon jazz. I was blown away. He is one of the foremost Jazz Sax players around, and that's not just groupie-me talking. His music speaks for itself. One of my favourite CDs (wearing thin now!) is Mnemosyne's March, and Reflections is on my Christmas list. I have seen Mike at Montreal Bistro with David Occhipinti (still my fave gig of all time!), The Pilot quite few times, China House and various JazzFM Sound of Jazz concerts. But my favourite venue to see and hear Mike Murley is Homesmith Bar in The Old Mill Inn.  

He was there last Saturday.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

And The Fifth Caller is.... ME! Live to Air with Jimmy Webb

If you know me, you'll know I'm an avid listener of JazzFm here in Toronto. You'll also know I NEVER win ANYTHING. But this particular time, I was really TRYING to win. Jimmy Webb was to be performing in the Long and McQuade Performance Hall within the JazzFm studios, a small venue, or a large studio, not really sure which description is more appropriate. The ONLY way to attend was to win tickets. And I WANTED to go! I kept calling in during Heather Bambrick's morning show, determined, but unsuccessful.