Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Three ''Depends''- Worthy Broads (originally published in reviews)

Diane Leah, Heather Bambrick, Julie Michels

I have seen, and heard, Julie Michels, Heather Bambrick and Diane Leah all perform separately. And LOVED each of them. All three are incredibly talented, each balancing extremely well with the others musical gifts. More than that, they are consummate entertainers. Heather, Diane and Julie keep the audience entertained, not just with their musical ability, but with their fun-loving personalities as well. 

Together, they are Broadsway

And, to paraphrase Elaine from Seinfeld

THEY ARE ''Depends-Worthy''!

I knew I would not be disappointed when I booked ressie's at The Flying Beaver Pubaret to catch my first ''Broadsway'' show. I called my friend Darlene (you've read about her before!) and asked her if she'd like to come along. Well, actually, I just told her she was coming! I love Handsome Man, but sometimes a girl needs to hang with her lady friends, and I KNEW Darlene would enjoy the evening, knew she NEEDED it. We both did. This time of year is STRESSFUL and we needed to decompress! As the minutes counted down to the show, a snow storm hit the city. But what good Canadian lets a little snow keep them from a Saturday Night on the town? Not Darlene and me! We weren't the only Crazy Canucks that night. In spite of the storm it was a PACKED house! 

A mix of Broadsway virgins (Darlene and myself included) and veterans, the crowd was HYPED! (I'm sure the ''Need to warm up from the cold'' pre-dinner drinks we all had didn't hurt our enthusiasm!). Usually Jazz crowds have a sprinkling of Jazz-snobs (I've referred to them previously as 'Husband' and 'Wife'), who can horribly taint an evening of fabulous music. This was NOT one of those crowds. and I kinda get the feeling that anyone who attends a Broadsway show is my kinda 'people'. Broadsway is not for 'Husband ' and 'Wife'. The audience Broadsway attracts is there because they LOVE the music, not the snobbery of it, and they are FUN people, just like the Broads themselves. Before the show started, each table could be seen chatting with the next. All strangers, but united in our love of music, and our bravery- we all made it there in pretty nasty weather! We were pumped!

The Broads hit the stage and the laughter exploded.


At one point I swore I heard my mother laughing her big, unabashed guffaws. Then I realized I was hearing ME (the only unpleasant moment of the night)! We sang along. All of us. Even I, whose children cry when I sing lullabies, sang along. We swayed, we tapped our feet and bounced in our seats. AND we CONNECTED. 'Cause not only are the Broads funny, and not only are they exceptional musicians, but in addition to all that, they are REAL. Real in the most beautiful, open, just-gotta-love-em kinda way. When you go to a Broadsway show, you are in the presence of greatness, but you never feel small. You are at home, in the kitchen, with your favourite wild and crazy aunties, who are regaling you with their stories, never condescending, always fun and fun-loving, and treating you to the infinite pleasure of their music.

So if you can get out to a Broadsway show. GO. You wont be disappointed. But be forewarned. They are truly ''Depends-Worthy''!



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AND, just announced, Broadsway has a show in the JazzFM Caberet series at one of my fave venues, Hugh's Room! Grab tix, and come say hi to Handsome Man and I, as always in our regular seats, you know we won't miss this! (shhh, he's jealous Darlene saw Broadsway before him!)

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