Wednesday, 30 October 2013

What's Hallowe'en Without a Little Music?

Every October 31st, while handing out treats, I stick on some appropriate CDs and sip either Hot Chocolate or Sparkling Wine (depending on how harried my Hallowe'en is!). 
This year I thought I`d share some of my faves with you! 
Happy Hallowe'en everyone! 
Enjoy, and remember, leave some candy for the kids!

Before the music, you need an Intro! 


What's Hallowe'en without the Wolfman? 
Wolfman JACK that is, along with a BAD BURTON!

I recently became obsessed with the BBC series 'Being Human'
There's NOTHING like a Werewolf from London!

Everyone's afraid of the Boogie Man, but the only thing scary here is the wardrobe 
(and the opening dialogue)

I had the album 'Goofy Greats' as a child in the 70s, so this song is a perennial favourite!

After the last of the trick or treaters have come and gone, the boys and I abscond to the man-cave to watch a flick. Beetlejuice is a go-to! Love this scene, and who DOESN'T love Harry Belafonte?

Well that's all folks. Have a Spooktacular night! And Please, save some candy for the kids!